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I was just thinking today about how springing forward is about change and hope.  Most of us humans don’t like change that much.  Too scary actually.  But I just heard that if I run from my fear, then I run from my life and I sort of hate to leave behind all the possible good things.  Thoreau once wrote that “Things don’t change; we change.”  And I also read that when talking about the survival of the fittest, it really isn’t about just being smart and strong, but rather it is about our ability to adapt to our situation, and after surviving, maybe even thriving. Sometimes that just seems too hard to even think about.  I prefer that things change so that I don’t have to work too hard and maybe I catch an unexpected break and then not so much is expected of me.  (I can hear you asking, “So how is that working for you?”)

It seems that caring for my mother is keeping me “on my toes” in terms of noticing my character flaws. (Two years and counting and yes, changing)  The good news is that it is spring in the Carolina Blue state and I love it here before the hot and humid sets in.  My flower garden is a great encouragement to me and working on it is therapy.  So much so in fact, I am creating a garden for Shannon, my daughter.  I may be “busting out all over” with hope and enthusiasm about my life before you know it!

I am continuing to update my tool chest for this hopeful, enthusiastic attitude that it feels like I need, and maybe you need as well, to navigate the challenges that life throws out on the life path whenever it feels like it.  I have quite a growing collection of new thoughts and ideas for my tool chest and I do keep wondering about ways to “share my tools.”  Still working on that and still shooting for the end of summer to come up with an inspiring idea.  I am also learning a lot about parenting from the Love and Logic program as well as continuing to work with area families and they teach me lots of new things all of the time! So, doing workshops in the fall is still on the table, but really, it seems that the best way to help families is to keep doing what I am doing now….talking with one family at a time and customizing a program that best works for them.  But, I am remaining open. (Man has a plan but God directs the steps!)

If you check out my post for this month, you will see my next favorite book which I have not read yet.  I am looking forward to seeing where the just the title might take me: Getting Past What You’ll Never Get Over.” 

Please do join me in springing forward into the next few months.  I would love to hear what tools are helping you the most with your journey and how this “change” thing is working for you as well!

Sharing Experience, Strength, and Hope!

Linda Pulver Cripps

Life Coach, BS, M.Ed

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I’ve overcome many of my insecurities and I’ve learned to love and care for myself. Through this process, I’ve become a better wife, mom, and friend.
— Bettie
Linda speaks truth in an approachable, transparent and gentle way to the effect that it brings freedom to your life.
— Jill
Linda helps you to see truth and expects you to apply it. She is more of a “coach” than a therapist because once you KNOW truth you need to understand how to apply it.
— Ginny